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Since 1966, Guidewell Financial Solutions has guided thousands of people just like you on the journey to financial freedom. As a fully accredited, credit counseling provider with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, you can trust us to do things the right way. We take pride in always having your best interests in mind.

And, as a nonprofit agency, we put people over profits. Our funding comes from community and civic organizations, creditors, and businesses. We do not lend money or settle debts, and we are not a collection agency. Services are available nationwide online and by telephone. In-person counseling is available at our branch locations in Maryland and Delaware.

We know our business inside and out. Our expert financial counselors give you the knowledge, tools, advice, and support you need to be financially independent—now and in the future. We work with you in person, on the phone, online, and at community education events to show you how to take charge of your finances.

Guidewell Financial Solutions accommodates individuals with vision, hearing, or speech disabilities, by providing basis translators, sign language services, or other communication methods for deaf or hearing impaired individuals, or those who are blind or have low vision.


Credit Counseling

Our certified credit counselors show you how to get your finances under control. We help you understand your financial situation, set up a budget, and make smart financial decisions on your own—now and in the future.

While paying your bills on time is the ideal situation, we understand that’s not always possible. We are certified to counsel you on debt resolution options such as Debt Management Plans and bankruptcy.


If you’re considering bankruptcy, you need accurate, objective advice to help you fulfill federal requirements. Our knowledgeable bankruptcy counselors will help you decide if bankruptcy is right for you, then guide you through the process.


We offer certified housing counseling and education programs to help you understand what you can do to buy a home, obtain a reverse mortgage, or save a home from foreclosure.

  • Homebuyers Pre-Purchase Counseling and Group Workshops—Find out if home ownership fits your finances.
  • Online Homebuyer Pre-Purchase Certificate Program—Learn the ins and outs of buying and financing a home.
  • Reverse Mortgage Counseling—For homeowners over age 62 who are thinking about applying for a reverse mortgage to help pay expenses.
  • Mortgage Delinquency and Foreclosure Prevention Counseling—For homeowners facing possible foreclosure.

Financial Coaching

Our experts work closely with you to create a plan to meet your financial goals, wherever you are in life. Whether you’re a new graduate starting out or you’re planning to retire, we’re here for you in person, online, or by phone to help you get and stay on the path to a secure financial future.


We believe that teaching people how to take charge of their finances strengthens the whole community. Our online Learning Center has a wide variety of up-to-date financial information that anyone can use, at no charge. We also teach community workshops and financial seminars for universities, non-profits, government agencies, and businesses.

Student Loan Counseling

Guidewell Financial’s student loan counselors are certified through the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). They can help you review your entire financial situation, determine where you stand with your student loans, and come up with a repayment strategy that’s right for you. To learn more visit, Student Loan Counseling.

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