Privacy Policy


This privacy policy (this “Policy”) describes how Cooperative Processing Resources (“CPR”) treats the information CPR receives from CPR’s member agencies (the “Members”) in the course of CPR’s providing services to the Members (regardless of how such services or provided or the medium through which such services are provided). CPR has the right to amend this Policy from time-to-time in CPR’s discretion. CPR will endeavor to notify the current Members of any material changes to this Policy. The most recent form of this Policy will be available at all times from CPR upon request.

Information We Collect From Members

In the course of providing services to the Members, CPR may collect information from the Members that is nonpublic and personal about the Members or the Members’ consumers and costumers (the “Nonpublic Personal Information”). Nonpublic Personal Information may include, but is not necessarily limited to, the names, addresses, social security numbers, and income and debt information regarding the Members’ consumers and customers. CPR may also collect various types of information from the Members that do not personally identify the Members or the Members’ consumers and customers (the “Unrestricted Information”).

What We Do With the Information

We Collect From Members CPR will not disclose Nonpublic Personal Information to any third party except (1) as permitted or required by law or other legal processes, (2) as necessary in the course of performing services to the applicable Member (including such services that are delegated or subcontracted to third parties who have agreed to non-disclosure provisions), (3) to enforce the terms and conditions of this Policy or to protect CPR’s interests, or (4) with the applicable Member’s consent. CPR may compile and aggregate Nonpublic Personal Information and disclose such aggregated information to anyone for any purpose, so long as such aggregated information is disclosed in a manner that would not personally identify any Member or any Member’s consumers or customers.

CPR is permitted to use and disclose the Unrestricted Information in CPR’s discretion. Accordingly, CPR reserves the right to aggregate Unrestricted Information with information collected from other Members, which will allow CPR to develop statistics that are helpful to understanding how Members use CPR’s services. CPR may also use Unrestricted Information for historical, statistical, scientific, or other purposes. CPR further reserves the right to use, sell, and assign for any and all purposes all Unrestricted Information.


CPR uses commercially reasonable technical, human, and physical measures to protect all Nonpublic Personal Information in CPR’s possession against loss and theft and unauthorized use, disclosure, or access. CPR’s employees, agents, and contractors must have a business reason to obtain access to any Nonpublic Personal Information.


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