Clarifi has been around for a bit more than 50 years, about as long as credit cards, and that’s no coincidence. We started out when folks starting learning the hard way about the temptations of credit cards and their unchecked use. Soon came all sorts of easy loans – for cars, schools and houses – and all sorts of reasons why folks couldn’t always keep up with them.

We don’t judge how or why people get in hot water; we just want them to get out of it. (Or better yet, keep them away from crisis in the first place.) Our non-profit professionals are pretty good at helping just about anyone set up a household budget, start a savings plan, pay down big loans – even stop a foreclosure and save a house when the mortgage hasn’t been paid for a while.

We help people cut through their financial fog to a future of economic clarity. We’re not saying it’s easy; it’s not. But when someone’s on the brink, we have tried-and-true, step-by-step plans to pull them back.

Best of all, even though we help tens of thousands of people with their personal economics, we’re not in it for the money. We protect people from scams, predatory lenders and consumer rip-offs. We’re proud of our partnerships with United Way and so many other community organizations that advocate for people first. We’re in it for you.

So Many Ways to Financial Clarity

If you’re like us, it always feels better to chalk up a few little victories on the way to nailing a big new achievement. So we’ve set up all the ways we work together with that kind of action in mind. Gain little victories from the get-go, starting right now on the phone, or meet one-on-one with a Clarifi counselor, or share moments of triumph with others in a group workshop. Let’s meet your goals and chalk up victories, and do it on your terms.

If you have an organization, community group or business, we can bring customized financial wellness initiatives to everyone around you. These are the same things we do with individuals, especially designed for your group. It’s amazing what happens when we work together.

We love to look at “the whole portfolio.” So let’s see a bigger picture of all we do.

How We Can Help

Explore Our Debt Management Plan

One way folks fight back against the crush of debt is with our Debt Management Plan (DMP). Once you’re enrolled, we go to bat for you. We negotiate with creditors to lower your payments, stop collection action, and reduce or eliminate late fees. Because of these concessions, you should be able to pay your debt back in full in a shortened timeframe, usually within 5 years.
A debt management or debt repayment program is a hardship program, meaning that you are having difficulty paying your bills, or you are at your credit limit. It doesn’t matter how you accrued your current debt: loss of income, medical expenses, lack of budgeting expertise, consumer credit card debt, etc. Whatever your situation and whatever the total amount of your debt, you may be eligible for a debt repayment program.

Pay Down Your Credit Cards

Credit cards sure are tempting. And before we know it, we can find ourselves in a real hole. So let’s sort it out and make a real action plan plan to get you out of it. We’ll figure out a budget, a savings system, a path to better credit and how to manage your everyday money. We’ll give you the nudges you need to move forward without sliding backward.

You’ll walk away with a checklist of little victories that, over the course of time, will lead to a lifelong triumph over debt and financial despair.

Teach Your Student Loans Who’s Boss

You or someone you know worked hard to get the most out of higher education. And maybe one of the takeaways was a higher debt load than you expected. That really puts a downer on the excitement of starting a new chapter in life. We can probably help.

There are a variety of repayment options that many folks don’t know about. These include federal repayment options that can make your monthly payment more manageable. We navigate these options all the time, and we’re ready to explore a multitude of solutions with you. Make an appointment with one of our trained Student Loan Borrower Repayment Counselors.

Weigh Bankruptcy Options

At Clarifi, we provide offer pre-filing bankruptcy counseling. We are approved to issue certificates evidencing completion of a pre-filing counseling session in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of a provider’s services.

Pre-Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy In-Person Course

Bankruptcy Online Course

Improve Credit

Understanding your information on your credit report plays an important role in managing your finances throughout your life. Credit is your reputation and it affects your ability to secure affordable monthly payments for goods and services and obtain cheaper loans. Good credit is the foundation for a secure financial future.

Clarifi has worked with thousands of people related to credit in all phases of their lives. Whether you are new to credit, to looking to establish credit, hoping to better understand the information on your credit report, understand how you can improve your score or address errors, Clarifi can help. Our counselors are credit experts trained to address your issues and questions in a supportive, non judgemental environment

Manage Home

We’re with you during every facet of home ownership. Clarifi is certified by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a comprehensive housing counseling agency. And we’re approved as a PA, NJ and DE Housing Finance agency. The exciting time when you’re ready to buy is when we can make sure all your ducks are in a row. If you’re in trouble with your mortgage we can guide you away from default and work to prevent foreclosure. And if you’re considering a reverse mortgage, let’s make sure you get the greatest value and the strongest protection.

Avoid Foreclosure

Let’s prevent foreclosure and mortgage default. Whether you are behind on your mortgage or already in the throes of the foreclosure process, don’t ignore the problem. Clarifi can review all possible options to help you stay in your home. The longer you wait, the more limited your options. Let’s get your mortgage current and put a stop to your sleepless nights.

Financial Wellness

We’re good at helping people in a financial crunch. But we really love working together to keep folks out of the crunch in the first place. Let’s get you on track for a lifetime of healthy money smarts – what we might call financial wellness.

It’s all about “preventative care.” Let’s make sure your financial life is on a healthy track in every aspect. If you don’t have a handle on your income, exactly where it goes, and how to plan for a secure future, your financial health is risky. So let’s start today to create a realistic spending plan, choose affordable healthcare, think about retirement and rainy-day savings, and nail down the kind of tomorrow that’ll make you want to rise and shine.

Send us a message, give us a call 215-563-5665 or schedule an appointment.

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