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image of logo for Consumer Credit Counseling for Northwest Iowa

CCCS of Northeastern Iowa

CCCS of Northeastern Iowa’s mission is to help you: manage your money more effectively and get out of debt. Our credit counseling is free and confidential. Certified credit counselors can take the fear out of the experience. CCCS of Northeastern Iowa’s are nationally certified by the National Foundation for Credit Counselors. Each counselor has completed…

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Financial Information and Service Center – FI$C

Financial Information and Service Center is a program of Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin that offers personal counseling on a variety of financial matters — credit cards, bankruptcy, budgeting, student loans and more. Our counselors can help you understand your credit score, or deal with foreclosure or delinquent mortgage. We’re based at the Goodwill…

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Clarifi has been around for a bit more than 50 years, about as long as credit cards, and that’s no coincidence. We started out when folks starting learning the hard way about the temptations of credit cards and their unchecked use. Soon came all sorts of easy loans – for cars, schools and houses –…

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